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Freshly roasted Coffee Beans for espresso machine and seasonal single origin beans for hand brew / filter coffee. 8 Bits Roastery are specialty coffee roastery and supplies freshly roasted coffee beans. We are Coffee Roaster located at Kuala Lumpur, KL and we provide 100% Arabica coffee and deliver to whole Malaysia.

Our history started by 2 co-founders are working in IT industry and Specialty Café business (SQ Coffee). As a Specialty Cafe, at the early stage we start by finding better coffee beans to serve our customers then we also decided to roast our own coffee beans for our cafe to consume. In months time, more customers asking for our coffee beans. Then we decided to create our own specialty coffee beans brand and the "8 Bits" name are born by the combination of the 80s and a IT term. 

As an engineering background, 8 Bits Roastery's specialty coffee beans roasted with "Art and Technical" data analysis to create optimal flavours for every single bean. We will provide the best quality and brewing experiences for every single Cups of Joe for our customers 

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